We as Africans have worn blankets (modernly known as wraps or shawls) for centuries, used for warmth, protection, comfort and reassurance. The Swazi-Wrapper is named according to the origins of the fabrication, the Kingdom of Swaziland.

This multi-funtional wrapper has a two way zip that allows easy movability and endless styling options to suit any ensemble from street to high fashion. The zip is reinforced with napa leather binding, allowing strength and versatility. Comfort is key and this unisex wrap has it all, trans seasonal, ideal for traveling, from beach to ballroom. The aim of this multi-funtional ethi/eco design is to allow maximum use in one’s wardrobe, a wonder must have accessory

The age old conventional methodology of weaving adds to the beautiful charm and drape to this exquisite natural fabric, 100% Bamboo (please see video). The design came in a dream, as most amazing things do and was ignited from a trip to Swaziland, discovery of fabric weavers, and shortly there after Ethiopia, over a Christmas in January period, a very spiritually enlightning time of year where wraps/shawls are a daily neccessary accessory.